Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exeter: The Plant Cafe

What a delight. I was lucky enough to have reason to visit Exeter fairly frequently over a period of nine months and this was without a doubt my first port of call.

The Plant Cafe is situated in a wonderful location overlooking the green in front of Exeter cathedral. The interior is very cute and cosy but if I'm honest, can be a little cramped. There are tables outside or you can get your food to take away and go and sit on the green itself on a sunny day.

I don't think I ever had anything I didn't enjoy at The Plant, but the menu didn't seem to alter much so perhaps if you went there very regularly, you'd get tired of the lack of change. Still, when it ain't broke, don't fix it.

More of a delicatessan/cafe than a restaurant, food options included delicious little savoury tarts in enticing flavour combinations - a good option for vegans is the homity pie filled with potatoes and vegan cream cheese filling - a mixed salad platter, fresh soups, warm paninis, a layered risotto slice and frittata.

Although soups, sandwiches and salads is the same old, same old, this place really does the classics very well and still offers some contemporary options for the more adventurous diner.

They also offer a breakfast menu, and while not vegan, an interesting option is the Persian eggs which are served with pitta and a hot tomato & chilli sauce, garnished with parsley - I'm informed it's delicious and it certainly looks it!

Of course, for the perfect end to your meal, or for a meal in it's own right - CAKES! The Plant Cafe certainly specialises in its cakes, as any good daytime food establishment should.

Somewhat infamous is the raspberry and beetroot cake - I've heard many people claim how delicious it is, and I did enjoy it but it does have a distinct earthy flavour which I don't imagine is to everyone's taste. I had many other more conventional and delicious cakes here - who doesn't like a good carrot cake after all?!

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